Machine Guide – Step 1 – Getting Started

Getting Started

Your Halos cocktail machine is not only a visually stunning piece of kit, it is also sturdy and robust and will faithfully serve you, even under extreme usage.

Your machine will arrive already set up. Getting the very best out of your machine will just require a little, ongoing TLC.

Here you will find how to get the best out of your Halos Cocktail Machine and how to keep it running smoothly and some general maintenance tips.

Please follow this easy set-up guide and you’ll be ready to serve hundreds of delicious cocktails and mouth-watering mocktails.

Delivery Of Your Machine

Your machine will be delivered to you by our chosen haulage contractor and will be delivered to your required delivery point palletised at the pre arranged time with you. You will need to unwrap the machine and locate this within your bar/venue (PLEASE NOTE -The haulage contractor will not install this for you they will simply drop off at delivery point)

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