Machine Guide – Step 2 – Installing The Machine

How To Install The Machine

Control Panel Seen On A Double Bowl Unit

How to install the machine – Once unpacked the machine will simply need to be plugged in to start using it. You will see a control panel with switches on the side of the machine please use these as follows:-

Green button needs to be switched to the 1 position this will turn the machine on or off if switched back to 0.

Black buttons displaying either four switches (seen on double bowl unit) or two switches (seen on single bowl unit) these control each bowl on the machine.

To turn your bowl on so that it will start to freeze the Halos Cocktail mix that you are going to use the black switch with 1 and 0 on needs to be switched to 1 position to turn the bowl on and back to 0 to turn that bowl off.

Black buttons displaying 1 0 11 control the bowl to either freeze or defrost: Switch to 1 to freeze, 0 to turn off and 11 to defrost.

(We only recommend that you use 11 if you need to defrost to remove the Halos Cocktail mix from your machine)

The lids for the machine bowls should be plugged in to the jack sockets at the back of the machine.

You will also notice a temperature gauge on the side of the machine above the buttons and a red switch/s on the back/top of the machine (Please do not alter or adjust these as Halos pre set these before sending the machine out to you.

How To Operate Switches On Your Halos Single Bowl Machine

How To Operate Switches On Your Halos Double Bowl Machine

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