Machine Guide – Step 3 – How To Use The Machine

Now that you know how the machine is controlled you can add your chosen Halos Cocktail mix to your machine bowls to start serving your cocktails.

Lift the bowl lid and hook on the side of the bowl with the hooks provided on the lid this will allow you to leave the lid plugged in.

If you have chosen the Halos Classic cocktails for your customers simply pour the 5ltr in to the bowl and turn the bowl on and set to freeze.

(Please note the initial first freeze of the day may take up to 45 mins)

If you have chosen either the Halos Mocktails or Cocktail bases simply pour the 2.5ltr in to the bowl refill the empty bottle with 2.5ltrs of water and add that to machine bowl then switch bowl on and set to freeze.

(Please note Mocktails and Cocktail bases require diluting in equal ratio)

During your opening hours you can keep topping your machine up with your chosen Halos mix and it will continuously freeze)

How To Use Halos Classic Product

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How to Alter The Thickness Of The Cocktails In Your Halos Cocktails Machine

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