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Your Halos cocktail machine is not only a visually stunning piece of kit, it is also sturdy and robust and will faithfully serve you, even under extreme usage.

Your machine will arrive already set up. Getting the very best out of your machine will just require a little, ongoing TLC. 

Here you will find how to get the best out of your Halos Cocktail Machine and how to keep it running smoothly and some general maintenance tips.

Please follow this easy set-up guide and you’ll be ready to serve hundreds of delicious cocktails and mouth-watering mocktails.

Delivery Of Your Machine:

Your machine will be delivered to you by our chosen haulage contractor and will be delivered to your required delivery point palletised at the pre arranged time with you. You will need to unwrap the machine and locate this within your bar/venue (PLEASE NOTE -The haulage contractor will not install this for you they will simply drop off at delivery point)

How To Install The Machine:

How to install the machine – Once unpacked the machine will simply need to be plugged in to start using it. You will see a control panel with switches on the side of the machine please use these as follows:-

Control Panel Seen On A Double Bowl Unit

Green button needs to be switched to the 1 position this will turn the machine on or off if switched back to 0.

Black buttons displaying either four switches (seen on double bowl unit) or two switches (seen on single bowl unit) these control each bowl on the machine.

To turn your bowl on so that it will start to freeze the Halos Cocktail mix that you are going to use the black switch with 1 and 0 on needs to be switched to 1 position to turn the bowl on and back to 0 to turn that bowl off.

Black buttons displaying 1 0 11 control the bowl to either freeze or defrost:

(We only recommend that you use 11 if you need to defrost to
remove the Halos Cocktail mix from your machine)


The lids for the machine bowls should be plugged in to the jack sockets at the back of the machine. 

You will also notice a temperature gauge on the side of the machine above the buttons and a red switch/s on the back/top of the machine (Please do not alter or adjust these as Halos pre set these before sending the machine out to you. 

Jack Socket To Rear Of Machine Bowl
Temperature Guage With Red Display
Red Switch To Back Of Machine And Top
How to Operate Switches On Your Halos Single Bowl Machine (VIDEO)
How To Operate Switches On Your Double Bowl Halos Cocktail Machine (VIDEO)

Now that you know how the machine is controlled you can add your chosen Halos Cocktail mix to your machine bowls to start serving your cocktails.

Lift the bowl lid and hook on the side of the bowl with the hooks provided on the lid this will allow you to leave the lid plugged in.

If you have chosen the Halos Classic cocktails for your customers simply pour the 5ltr in to the bowl and turn the bowl on and set to freeze.

(Please note the initial first freeze of the day may take up to 45 mins)

If you have chosen either the Halos Mocktails or Cocktail bases simply pour the 2.5ltr in to the bowl refill the empty bottle with 2.5ltrs of water and add that to machine bowl then switch bowl on and set to freeze.

(Please note Mocktails and Cocktail bases require diluting in equal ratio)

During your opening hours you can keep topping your machine up with your chosen Halos mix and it will continuously freeze)

How To Use Halos Classic Product (VIDEO)
How To Use Halos Mocktails, Citrus And Cream Cocktail Bases (VIDEO)
How to Alter The Thickness Of The Cocktails In Your Halos Cocktails Machine (VIDEO)

simply pour the designed measure in to your glass from tap at the front of the machine.

(Remember you can advertise the cocktails you are selling to your customers with Halos flavour cards which simply slot in to the bowl lids, these can be purchase from our shop)

Halos Cocktails - How To Use Flavour Cards (VIDEO)
Switching Off The Machine:

At the end of your day simply turn off the bowl and green button and the mix in the bowl will defrost naturally allowing you to just turn the machine back on the next day to refreeze.

The Halos Cocktail Mix is perfectly safe left in the bowls.

We recommend that if you are not going to use the machine the next day that you pour the cocktails back in to the bottles purchased in and store them in a fridge.  If this product is not going to be used within a week then place if in a freezer  where it can be stored for an extended period.



You are required to maintain the machine due to the terms of the lease, please keep your machine clean, we recommend that you clean it at least once a week, bowls should be cleaned every time you change the flavour of cocktail mix in the bowl.

Please view the videos below which will give you details on how to maintain your machine for best use.

Should you need replacement parts these can be purchased from our shop. If you are currently on a service lease with us and require replacement parts simply get in touch as there will be no charge.

Halos Cocktails - How to Wash your Machine (VIDEO)
How To Change Rubber Tap Seal On Halos Cocktail Machine (VIDEO)
How To Clean Air Vent On Your Halos Single Bowl Machine (VIDEO)
How To Clean the Air Vent On Your Halos Double Bowl Machine (VIDEO)

Should you need any further information please visit our FAQ page or to report a problem simply complete the attached form and someone from our service department will be in touch.

*Located behind the drip trays on your machine
Please upload any images to help support your enquiry. (Not Required To Complete This Form)